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Warhammer Historical

United Kingdom

Shieldwall Supplement
As Delivered

Long Review: Stephen Patten, the author, may also be known as being a member of the Patten family, who started Gripping Beast. See the connection? Dark Ages figures and a supplement to go with them? Anyway, Stephen raised the bar on acceptable WAB supplements yet again. He revised the way army lists are laid out and troops are chosen, and this has become the norm for subsequent books.
Shieldwall covers the period AD790 to AD1085, known as the Viking Age. It contains a historical background and chronology outlining the important events as well as an incredible 28 detailed army lists including the Viking armies of the Danish, Norwegians and Hiberno Norse (the Norsemen); the Saxon armies of Wessex, Mercia, and Anglia (the English); the Scots and the Picts (the Caledonians); Gwynedd and Powys (the Welsh); Munster, Leinster and Ulster (the Irish); the Carolingian French, the Duchy of Normandy and Flanders (the Western Franks) and hired mercenaries from the Dogs of War list (some of whom are allowed to be purchased for any of the above armies). There are also new scenarios and a narrative campaign system, as well as detailed notes on wargaming tactics, and collecting and painting the armies.

Period:       Ancients up to about 1485AD.
Scale:        28mm, but can be used for 15mm with modifications.
Basing:      Single figures.
Contents:   Perfect-bound A4 book.
Historical Accuracy: Good.
Sources: Purchased for own collection.
Designer: Stephen Patten.
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